Is a holiday really good for us?
15th July 2010
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Is a holiday good for you?

Well of course they are but:

I spent the whole week before we took off to Spain saying “This time next week we will be round the pool” and discussing with my two children (aged 6½ and almost 4) how many sleeps it was until we went, perhaps I shouldn’t have discussed it at story time in bed.  It was their first time on an aeroplane and I was making them so excited, I was reliving my youth – who’s the kid!  Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

We had a fantastic holiday, we really chilled out and relaxed around the pool.  As thought we did spend many a day round the poolside and we also went to the beach.  The kids loved it, water babies, I thought I had swapped them in for a couple of fish.  Our only stress was that the supermarket near to where we were staying wasn’t open on a Sunday so we had to eat out – broke my heart!

14 days later the kids are now missing their friends and are quite keen to get into their own little beds. 

Now we are back…

What have I been doing… this time last week we were by the pool; this time last week we were at the beach; this time last week we were dining out; and this time last week we were having a BBQ. 

Hopefully time the weekend is here I shall not be using this phrase anymore and will be getting back to normality entirely. 

I must say, it is nice to be back but I would like to be going back say perhaps next week!  We stayed at the Lemontree Farm in Andalucia, Spain.

So do you think holidays are good for us… answers on a postcard please!

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