How cold does it want to get?
1st December 2009
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How cold is it today?

I reckon Winter is officially here – how cold is today.

1 December is apparently the coldest day we have had this year. 

It feels too cold for snow – don’t you agree?  Do you like the cold?

Even though I love the Summer, you cannot beat the long warm evenings and hot sunny days, but on the other hand I do love the Winter.  Today is a glorious day.  It’s really cold out (3˚C – which is pretty chilly), sunny and fresh.  I would rather it be very cold than it be raining and windy. 

I know we all need the rain but it’s not enjoyable when you have to do the school run, all getting wet, tired children, school bags to hold, trying to keep a brolly up…. not attractive at all, but apparently the ducks love it!

Even though I love cold, sunny and fresh days, time the end of the Winter I am in need of some warmth and sunshine – then it’s roll on Spring/Summer. 

What’s your favour type of day?

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