How can a corporate go-karting event help to promote team-building?
31st October 2013
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Team-building events have become a popular way for UK businesses to develop their workforce skills and to boost morale. Leisure-themed staff development programmes can have numerous benefits including enhanced production and staff retention rates however if your business is finding trade tough in the current economic climate then it's likely you'll want to scale down such expenditure. As a result, many organisations are now turning to one-day corporate go-karting events to promote bonding and communication without the expense of a week-long residential course.

Regardless of the industry involved, most businesses rely on the ability of their employees to work effectively as a team to achieve success and improve profitability. Corporate go-karting events are an ideal way to develop team-building by taking people out of an office environment where behaviour is naturally more reserved and allowing them to let their hair down and have fun. This breaks down political and personal barriers and encourages staff members to make lasting connections. On the go-karting track, everyone is on a level playing field and teams are encouraged to work together towards a common goal.

Corporate go-karting events can help to develop leadership skills, promote co-operation, improve organisation, identify strengths and weaknesses and strengthen morale without employees even realising they are learning. Importantly, corporate go-karting events can also enhance the relationship between employee and employer which is particularly important if the business is undergoing major change or uncertainty.

Team-building on the go-karting track is particularly advantageous for those businesses which have numerous departments. Do you have department heads which communicate daily by telephone but would barely recognise one another if they bumped into each other in the canteen? Go-karting is a great way of losing the formalities and helping people to get to know one another so they work towards the common goal. Many businesses notice increased collaboration between different departments following a team-building exercise.

Lakeside Karting provides an extensive range of corporate or team-building packages to suit every business and every group, whether large or small. Event organisers will assist with catering, racing and any special requirements. For more information on Lakeside Karting as a team-building venue, call 01708 863070.

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