Flooring trends!
7th December 2016
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This material has long been used in different homes for different furniture but as the interior designing industry develops, bamboos are now being used to create texture and bring relaxing vibe into our houses. Different designs and colors of bamboo flooring have been seen in the past year and it is also known to be harder than a traditional hardwood flooring.

Reclaimed wood

This is the cheaper and more economical substitute for reclaimed timber. Due to its lower production cost than the timber, more and more people are opting for this kind of flooring as it still has the hand- hewn look which gives an authentic feel of reclaimed timber.

Large tiles

Tiles are one of the most common flooring tiles. It gives larger walk space and you have fewer grouts to clean with this kind. The only think you need to consider when installing these is to consult a professional flooring experts such as Benems Carpet and Suite Centre as these tiles are naturally heavy and requires professional assistance.

Luxury vinyl

Have the best of both worlds as luxury vinyl offers the beautiful look of hardwood while having the strength of a vinyl flooring. It is also the best flooring for your kitchen, laundry rooms or even bathrooms as it stands well against moisture and it’s easy to install too as you only need to peel and stick it to your floor. Viola! Your flooring’s looking as dashing as ever.

While there are other trends that have emerged this year. These four have been the top choices when ti comes to flooring choices and if you’re planning on renovating your floor, Benems Carpet and Suite Centre is your best bet for the best service.

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