Five Top Carpet Care Tips
20th November 2015
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The smell, look and feel of a new carpet is superb.  It gives a whole new feel to a room making it feel warm and plush very quickly.  If it’s the living room or bedroom, it’s especially pleasing later in the evening when you take off your shoes and socks and walk across it to your chair or bed to relax for the night.  There’s a real feel of pleasure and pride that runs through you.


Although your new carpet will maintain the room’s warmth, how do you care for it and keep it in tip top condition? Here are five tips to help you.

Introduce a No Shoes Rule – We like to keep things relaxed at home and make sure that everyone feels welcome, so there’s a possible reluctance to introduce the ‘shoe’s off’ rule, but it really will protect your carpet in many ways.  If you don’t like to be strict, a shoe rack in the entrance hall will certainly help to impose the rule.  Shoe’s (especially high heels) will work irreversible dents and damage to the weave of the carpet.  Also, shoes with tread carry dirt from outside to inside that gets trodden into the carpet instantly.

Prepare for Accidents – Accidents happen, drinks do get spilt and the occurrence of spillages can be quite a problem if they’re not cleaned up quickly.  It’s a situation where you will have to act quickly, (even if you’re in full party swing) because leaving a spill can lead to stains that you just won’t be able to remove easily or at all.  Be prepared for these accidents, ensure that you have cleaning products available that you know won’t cause damage to the wool in the carpet.

Frequent Vacuuming – Protect that ‘soft to the touch’ feeling in your carpet that your feet experience each day by vacuuming it regularly.  You may find that when your carpet is new that there’s excess fluff on it, don’t worry about vacuuming that away, your carpet will not go bald, but if you leave it, it will get tangled into the pile giving your carpet a lumpy bumpy feel.  Vacuuming also collects up the dirt and dust that will build up and also get into the pile lessening the softness of your carpet over time.  This is why frequent vacuuming is a definite YES.

Furniture Re-arrangement – Over time, table legs and casters will make permanent indents into your carpet, flattening the pile to an irreversible state.  To lessen the toll these items of furniture can have on your carpet, it’s worth re-arranging the furniture around the room as often as you can. 

Call for Help – Everyone seems to have theories on what’s best to clean carpets.  Some say that vinegar and salt help to clean up wine spillages for example.  This isn’t the case and although we can use the internet for tips, we don’t really have personal experience of the effects of cleaning materials etc. until we use them.  A carpet is an investment and is an outlay most of us cannot readily afford.  Therefore to maintain it, it’s worth calling in the experts to clean it from time to time. 


All in all, we love that new carpet feel and to find an excellent range of top quality carpets coupled with friendly advice and assistance from your initial visit to its fitting, go along to Benems Carpet & Flooring Centre in Thurrock.

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