Blood Test at Orsett Hospital
3rd October 2009
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So there I was minding my own business not particulary looking forward to a needle going in my arm to abstract a section of my bodily fluid, but being a diabetic I suppose it's only part of the course. So I sat down and then looked up and thats where it all went wrong.

The hospital in their wisdom have decided to entertain waiting patients by placing a tv screen with information on it. Now I have no problem with advertising to a captive audience especially baring in mind my own business, but it was what was being portrayed on the screen that was a cause for concern. The bulk of the information seemed to be introduced by Thurrock Borough Council in conjuction with Essex Police. So rather than telling every body the fantastic place that Thurrock is and the great opportunties that lie within Thurrock, the Council chose to use this opportunity to portray everything that is bad with Thurrock like:

Burglary, Crime, Vandalism, muggings, graffiti, robbery, police etc etc - You name it, it was there!

I don't know what the older generation must think! But after watching the screen for 2 - 3 minutes I was totally depressed and thought what type of place has Thurrock become.

I don't know it might just be me, but surely there is a missed opportunity here to atleast offset some of the negatives by placing some positives on the screen aboout what a great place Thurrock really is!

I would be happy to hear your thoughts..............

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