22 Day's to go Untill Christmas, Thurrock Better Get a Move on!
3rd December 2010
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It's Christmas Time, Run, Run, Run but Don’t Slip!


The snow has sent people bonkers! England has come to a stand still and the worst part is.. I've run out of milk! My mum is to scared of falling over to leave the house. The shops are empty and my little brother is off school therefore I now have a headache to top it all off. With only 22 days until Christmas what are we to do? There's so much we need to get but even if you’re brave enough to travel (good luck) then there's no guarantee that the shops will have anything in them or that they will even be open! Oh what a dilemma. Wait a minuet, why risk your own life when someone else can bring it to you (good old British courtesy) you can order your drinks online by going to Drinks of France, There's one down on the list. Then we have Olivers Butchers which is just round the corner so no messing about with the public transport which I know is working so... Smoothly at the moment. Or the last result, which is my favourite, we have a selection of bar's, Inn's and public houses, forget the hassle, pack your bags, lets get out of here! Merry Christmas everyone!


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