Should I feel this bad after losing my pet?
21st October 2016
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Don't let anyone tell you that you're being silly, crazy or overly sentimental when grieving for a pet who you have considered a beloved friend, companion or family member.

It is often hard for people who have never owned a pet to understand, but thousands of pet owners have been left devastated by the loss. We are often asked this question by people who feel a sense of 'guilt' at the intense pain they feel following the loss of a pet and feel it should not be as strong as losing a 'human' loved one. 

We, ourselves, have taken in a lot of 'old' dogs, one was 17 with cancer - we tried to tell ourselves that we would not get too attached, but after one night we loved him!!! A pet can offer comfort, companionship and unconditional love while also being so much fun to have around.

If you have lost a pet, you have a right to feel pain and grief and locking away grief doesn't make it go away. If your family and friends love pets, they will understand what you are going through, however, if you don't have anyone you can talk to and you feel like you need some support, there are lots of pet bereavement support groups, try your vet for contact details. 

Posted on behalf of Mark Skinner Funeral Services

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