Ringwood Unitarians
Ringwood Unitarians
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Ringwood Unitarians

Ringwood Unitarians is a new group, forming in Ringwood, of people who are broadly spiritual but who take inspiration from a much wider set of sources than one religion. 

We come together because we understand the support and strength we can get from being in community together that we simply cannot experience when we follow our spiritual path on our own. 

We are aligning ourselves under the umbrella of the Unitarian movement, which has Christian roots but which rejects any tests of faith and therefore does not use any creed.  All spiritual travellers who seek the comfort of a community are truly welcome, including atheists and humanists. 

We meet once every month in Ringwood and we look to connect with and serve the Ringwood community of which we are a part. 

If you are on a personal journey we would love to hear about it from you - come and share what you have learned so far.