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Runhardeatcake is a fitness and weight loss company that offers a running community, coaching and social runs in New Forrest, Salisbury.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bRunhardeatcake is a fitness and weight loss company that offers a running community, coaching and social runs at home and abroad. Runhardeatcake organises and takes part in many races and events throughout the year in Salisbury, and also sell beautiful merchandise.

Runhardeatcake believes that running is a fantastic way to keep in shape, managing your weight, meeting new people, setting and achieving goals and eventually culminating in a nice piece of cake as a reward. At Runhardeatcake cake, it matters not whether you want to start running, want to run faster and further, are looking to maintain your body fitness or lose weight, you will find a great community and coaching to propel you towards your goal.

Runhardeatcake strives to make training a less lonely experience by bringing together like minded folks every Friday morning at 9:00. The session lasts one hour and includes drills, interval training flat terrain, up and down hills, on the road and through hills. Runhardeatcake offers group coaching or individual coaching and provides comprehensive plans which can be followed up via telephone, text or email to promote accountability.

Runhardeatcake is owned by Paul Etheridge, who has been running for many years and has worked in an events organizing company and has amassed quite an experience in both fitness and event organization that prompted him to start Runhardeatcake. Paul is a UK Athletics coach in running fitness and believes that there is a need for both social and competitive running services in the market. To culminate his events, Paul almost always ends his events with delicious cake downed with tea or coffee!

Runhardeatcake offers authentic, social, friendly running experiences that are full of fun, laughter and cake. Furthermore, Runhardeatcake is highly recommended for its varied sessions, great organization and pushing its community to run faster and further.

Contact Paul Etheridge for more information and find out when the next fun run is.

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