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    Isle of Man
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Ask Outreach Trust Charities Isle of Man

An Isle of Man charity helping the destitute of Bangalore


ASK Outreach Trust ( Isle of Man ) is a charity that helps the destitute people in Bangalore, India.It endeavours to give dignity to the dying, education and support to women and a quality of life to children who have been abandoned and neglected.


ASK Outreach Trust (Isle of Man) believes that local people should own, and be responsible for running, their own organisations.ASK Outreach Trust sees itself as being the vehicle for providing the knowledge, funding and support to enable them to do so.


ASK Outreach Trust provides medical care through clinics, supports orphanages and is actively involved in community and education projects.





Agape Children's Rehabilitation Centre The Centre provides a home for abused and neglected street children. These children become part of a new family, attend local schools and are given nutritious food and love.


Home of Hope The dying and destitute are rescued from the streets of Bangalore and cared for with dignity and love. ASK Outreach Trust have completed the new building and men have moved there. There is also a separate house for women and children with a playing area. It is attached to a large field where those who are physically able cultivate the land, producing vegetables for the residents.


Concerns Universe Foundation (CUF) This community development project equips many thousands of the poorest people with better health awareness and education. This provides hope for the future, especially for women. The project includes a Community College, pre-school playgroups and school homework clubs.


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