Happy Easter to you!
17th April 2014
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Chocolate bunnies, Family meals, road trips, busy roads, holidays…what are you going to do for Easter? Or if you are reading this late, what did you do?

The Anglo-Saxon word for April is "Eostre-monath" (the month of openings), so April is all about new challenges and new opportunity. Let’s hang our coats (I hope so, but we’re still in Scotland after all) and have a look at all the great opportunities in the Highlands.

This week we had our #BuyLocal campaign week and we’ve been busy in Inverness giving bags full of goodies to every local shop we could find and to everyone on the street.

We met some nice people and talked a lot about what we could do for our community. If you are around Inverness, just have a look in the windows of the shops and you may find our logo sticker, or if you are lucky you can even see somebody using our fashionable bag like me (Italian fashion style)!

Stay tuned on our Facebook page, you will soon find the pictures we have taken in this week, most of them are very funny!

#BuyLocal week is a campaign supported by The Best of The Highlands, a local company which champions recommended independent businesses in the area for the benefit of residents and businesses alike. The core element of the campaign is to get people to do more for the area- a simple sticker in a window or car is one way, but just changing how we spend can make a huge difference to the local economy.

The High Street needs you! Many Highland residents find themselves frustrated- and perhaps a little sad- at the amount of local high street shops and services closing down each month.

We can’t just wait for all the local shops to disappear before we actually do something.

Nowadays people prefer to buy online and the pressure of this competition on our local businesses is too much. When you buy local, money stays local; this is important and it’s a concept that must be understood by everyone.

It’s time to show how much we care about our local people and businesses.

#BuyLocal campaign reminds us that our area needs the support both of residents and local policy makers.

We will be around Inverness again next week, taking pictures to local businesses and local people. We hope to see you all. If you are a business and wish to receive a fashionable #BuyLocal bag you can contact us and we can pop in your shop, take a picture of you and your shop and we will post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Happy Easter, Happy Holiday and remember to #BUYLOCAL.

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