Walking in the Cotswolds - Top 5 walks?
22nd June 2014
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The Cotswolds is such a fabulous and picturesque area that we are really spoiled for choice regarding places to go, to see, to visit, things to do and in particular, some really glorious walks.  

Now that the weather has really improved, it's time to get out there and take it all in!  But where would you start?  I could personally recommend a couple of places (but I've been to them several times already and it's time to move on and really get about the place and see some new things) although I am we'll aware that I have probably seen less than a couple of percent of what's on offer - and I dare say that many of you are in a similar position???
So, what about some suggestions and recommendations? In fact, how about a top 5 walks in the Cotswolds vote? 
Post up your recommendation and I'll pull together what will undoubtedly be a great list.
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