Use Your Local Farm Shop
11th December 2013
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Farm shops certainly do have a lot of advantages to offer. As a response to the growing demand for fresh, locally-produced food, a number of farmers and food producers have taken the initiative and marketing opportunity of opening their own farm shop.

Farm shops and farmers markets allow farmers the opportunity to directly sell food and other produce to the general public. This direct form of selling is beneficial to both the farmer and the consumer as it increases profit margins (instead of those profits going to the supermarket chains) while offering high quality, locally produced, fresh and often organic foods.

As well as providing much-needed income from the sale of their own products and those of other food producers, having a farm shop provides an excellent promotional opportunity to increase the awareness of their business and products to a larger number of potential customers and a more extensive market area.

Buying your food locally can help sustain and increase employment whilst reducing food transport miles along with the additional benefits of knowing how the food is produced and who is producing it.

Visiting farm shops is also becoming something of an established social activity as a number have attached farm tearooms to enhance the shopping experience away from the congestion and stress of the busy town centres and supermarkets.

Farm shops certainly do have a lot of advantages to offer.

Spend a whole day at Wyatts Farm Shop and do your shopping, sort the garden out, have lunch and buy something for supper - all under cover in a very relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.

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