Trusted Tradesmen in the North Cotswolds
6th April 2014
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If you search via google (or any other search engine for that matter) for a particular tradesman these days you will get a variety of responses from agencies that are touting a number of tradesmen as being 'checked', 'approved' or 'trusted'.

Can you accept this as proof? Well, it is better than nothing. But is it better than (or anywhere near as good as) trusting the valued opinion of someone you know who has used their services before? Well, of course it isn't!

At thebestof we aim to give you a validated, independent, locally sourced bank of testimonials for every business that we work with. Those testimonials will come from local people, in your local area, who have used that local tradesman. Now, I admit that this is not quite as good as getting a recommendation from a close friend.... but it is absolutely the next best thing!

We only work with business that we can market as being one of 'the best' and therefore we aim to build their bank of testimonials as a result of them providing an exemplary service, on a day to day basis, that we already know that they provide. The result? A great testimonial bank of locally sourced, validated reviews about a great business.

So, the next time you need to find a tradesman and you don't have any recommendations from people you know, why not check out our tradesmen in your area - they are amongst the best and they've been recommended as such by people just like you.

Here's a few examples of some high quality tradesmen in the North Cotswolds:

PD Clarke

CR Electrical

Wrights of Campden

Land Art Gardens

PH Upholstery

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