Travel entertainment ideas
30th September 2014
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I remember some of the games my parents used to run out for us like I-spy and car cricket, but most of them I have forgotten, and I'm sure the ones I was exposed to are just a fraction of what was available.

Back then, most radios stations were on Medium or Long Wave and the reception was so shocking it was more of a pain to listen to rather than pleasure.  Eight tracks and audio cassettes offered some respite, but cars were generally noisier and less comfortable, so it wasn't really a case of just relaxing and listening to your favourite songs.
The Sony Walkman offered another option, although anti-social, but this could often be a bit drowned out by road noise!
These days the tablets, other games and in car DVD players seem to rule the roost and the age old occupation of entertaining each other in the car seems to have died a death to some extent.
So, I thought it might be interesting to start a blog to see if we can resurrect some ideas to keep the kids off the electronics and enjoy some family time while travelling.
Why not register as a blogger and leave a reply, or just tweet something up and I'll compile the list 
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