Sunday Lunch Recommendation
14th July 2014
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There are oodles of places to go in the Cotswolds for a great Sunday lunch, so many that you could go to a different one every weekend for a year and still not even come close to scratching the surface!

However, we are generally creatures of habit and, once we have a great experience at a particular place, we tend to keep returning there rather than branching out and trying new places.
So, I thought we could spark up a blog to come up with some really freak recommendations for Sunday lunch venues around the fabulous Cotswolds that we can share with all readers.
So, either register and leave me a reply on the blog, or tweet me a reply and I'll add it onto the list. Let me know your fave location for Sunday lunch and why - it may be helpful to consider the following criteria when doing so:
1. Food quality
2. Price
3. Quality of Establishment
4. Facilities for kids
In the meantime, if you don't know where to go - check out the Marshmallow in Moreton
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