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3rd April 2014
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Last night was a little special mid-week treat - a nice bit of roast beef for supper!!

However, it turned out to be a Little disappointing! Sure, it was reasonably tasty, the was plenty of it and it wasn't hard on the jaw either. But it wasn't really, really tasty like a good bit of beef should be and it didn't melt in my mouth either.

The origin of the piece of meat.....a supermarket!

Have I had a similar disappointment with produce from my local butcher? Well it would probably be a little disingenuous of me to just say that I definitely have or haven't either way, but I certainly can't 'remember' a time of disappointment. In fact my last trip to the butchers was last Saturday, for a piece of pork for Sunday roast, which turned out to be truly spectacular (slow roasted shoulder, hmmm)!

So what is the difference - I actually have no idea!!! But I'd be very interested in any replies if anyone can offer an explanation?

In the meantime I shall continue to venture to the local butcher for my supplies to ensure that any potential future disappointment is postponed as long as possible!

If you need a reputable local butcher for your supplies, try Checketts in Moreton in Marsh, 01608 629405.

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