Potholes in the road
1st July 2014
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We seem to have got away with a relatively mild winter in the Cotswolds this time around, which resulted in what appeared to be a lot less pothole damage in the roads, which was of course great news.

However, more recently we have had some fairly serious bouts of rain, which seems to have resulted in the generation of a number of potholes.
Now, my understanding was that the potholes were caused by water seeping into cracks in the tarmac and expanding during the freezing process - thereby creating the frost-damage potholes I normally associate with snowy and/or cold winters.  But it hasn't been cold, nowhere near freezing anyway, yet a whole load of potholes seem to have appeared as a result.
My questions therefore are:
1. What has caused these potholes in the absence of frost?
2. Is your local area affected badly?
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