Mother's Day flowers
20th March 2014
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Just like valentines day, it's a Mega busy time for time for all florists....but of course there is a completely simple and straightforward solution - phone them up, place an advanced order and collect them the day before...easy!

If you don't know exactly what you want, that's no problem either as your local florist is there to help. Generally, you don't take your car to the garage and ask for exactly what you want - you explain the problem and let the resident experts sort it out for you. Florists are no different - in fact it's much better at the florist as you can set your spend limit...which sadly you can't do with your car!!! your local florist today, give them an idea of what you want to spend, place your order and hey presto!!  If you have any idea of a particular type of flower your mother (or wife if, like me, you have to buy for your own mother and your kids' mother too!) likes or particular colours then this knowledge will also help, but it's by no means mandatory!

If you're in the Moreton in Marsh area (or happen to be passing through) then Alison at Allium Florists should be your first port of call. You can find their website HERE or phone them on 01608 629417

If you're a bit further to the West then Broadway Flowers is the one for you.  You can find them HERE or call them on 01386 853000.


Get phoning and get ordering!

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