Loved but tatty furniture
6th May 2014
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Everyone has at least a couple of items of furniture around the home that they absolutely love. Whether they be family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, antique or purely a comfortable favourite (mine are a sofa and a wicker chair!)

The problem with these things are that we cling on to them forever and eventually they start to fall apart, particularly soft furnishings.  Well, there is a simple and relatively cheap solution to this conundrum and that tis to give them a new lease of life.
A quick visit to an upholsterers can have your family favourite looking sparkly and new all over again.  At the same time you can get any minor damages repaired so that everything is back to full working order.  You can even change the colour scheme to better match the rest of your decor, to fit in with. Certain theme or just bring the item a little more up to date.
The result is a new lease of life and pride of place for your loved belonging.  It still retains its roots, heritage and history but helps it fit in with more modern times and ensures that you can love it for so much longer.
Give your local upholsterer a ring for a chat, quote or to book an item in.  If you're in the North Cotswolds, check out PH Upholstery in Milton Under Wychwood.
You can visit their website HERE
Or give them a call on 01993 608499
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