Kerstin Florian products at Mode Spa
8th May 2014
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The Kirsten Florian line was Established in 1978 and has since become one of the most distinguished skin care lines in the spa industry.   It remains a family run and owned  business that continues to develop & manufacture a progressive range of bath, facial and body treatments and products.
Kerstin Florian specialises in using natural resources, always seeking to create the highest quality treatments available.  Their goal is to provide fantastic natural health care products for face and body care. Their range features over one hundred professional and retail products and over twenty five luxurious facial, body and bath treatments.
Kerstin Florian’s range of treatments and products are specifically designed for teenagers to seniors and can treat a range of skin specific issues or simply maintain healthy skin’s radiance.
The Florian philosophy is, however, holistic. Your skin care programme should also include healthy nutrition, regular exercise, psychological well-being and proper care of the face and body.  
At MSpa you can start the process off with a variety of excellent treatments using Florian products.
Visit the Mode Spa website HERE or call them on 01386 388031
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