Enstone Flying Update
3rd April 2014
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The recent good weather means that @Enstoneflying have managed to finish refurbishing their hanger, which is now looking really great. See the details here.

With the good weather firmly with us it is a really great time to get back into flying. Whether you've just had the winter off or are looking to get back into it after a break, it want to start from scratch.

Check out the website for details of what's on when with the club, but there are some great things planned for the summer, summarised here:

1. 24th April. An Evening with Paul Hickley 7.30 at the club house. on operating Vulcans 1966-1974, when they were the height of the nuclear deterrent.

2. France 11/12th May. The first event will be a fly out to Le Touquet, this is open to every one students and pilots alike. If you haven't been across the Channel this will be an opportunity to have your check ride. The event will be on either the 11/12th May and a day trip. If you are interested in flying or coming along as a passenger please let me know.

3. June 1st Birthday BBQ. Our first birthday on the new site, fun for all the family.

4. Flying for free. Earn £200 for your flying account by recommending a friend or colleague who completes their PPL at Enstone and you will receive £100 on their first solo and another £100 when they pass their GST.

5. There will be some" learn to fly" and "come back to flying" seminars over the next 4 months. The idea is to invite 6/8 prospective or lapsed pilots to each event where they can ask all the questions they want to our team. I have met more lapsed PPLs than I know who have them, they all seem to want to get back into flying but they think they will have to start from scratch...this is really not the case and the seminars would show them the way back. e-mail skipper@enstoneflyingclub.co.uk if interested.

6. Face book Enstone. If you are a fan or not, face book is here to stay and a great way of keeping in touch, if you are a FBer why not join the Enstone Group

7. IMC Ratings. The IMC rating is still available, this is a great addition to your PPL, as it allows you to fly in not-so-nice conditions and will be converted to the new IRR when the eurobods work out the paperwork

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