Don’t throw away your broken gazebo!
20th August 2014
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It’s happened to me before, on several occasions, and this despite me being exceptionally careful with when I put them up and most importantly, not leaving them out overnight (which is when most people get caught out!).

It’s quite infuriating as, when they break, it looks pretty dramatic with angular bits of metal pointing in the wrong direction and the tent structure giving the effect that the whole thing needs throwing in the skip!  Which, coincidentally, seems to be what most people do.

HOWEVER – if this has happened to you or happens again , check out (and I’m not on a commission!! Just been bitten by the elements before!).  Unless your gazebo has really had a battering it is highly likely that one or more of the plastic joints have failed. 

Due to the nature of the gazebo construction, when one of these goes it can look quite spectacular, but the reality is that a piece of plastic costing just a couple of pounds could make your gazebo look like new again.  It doesn’t take much in the way of DIY skills to rectify either.  Just ascertain which components are broken (a quick visual inspection should make this fairly obvious), identify them on the website and get them ordered.  Most of the parts are simple screw fits so no technical skills required either.  Just fit them on and hey presto – gazebo like new again!


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