Chadlington Quality Foods
4th July 2012
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David Cameron's Favourite Local Shop! 

Chadlington Quality Foods is a village owned general store, in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire. In addition to a full range of standard grocery items and wines/spirits, the specialise in home-baked pies, quiches, cakes etc. made on the premices in a revamped kitchen at the back of the shop. They also offer continental cheeses and a range of home-baked bread (organic, French sticks etc), as well as local jersey cream and butter and smoked fish products. The fruit and vegetables are local in season. Their customer base includes both local villagers and shoppers from neighbouring villages (up to a radius of 10 miles). Regenerating interest within the village has been a priority.

The shop in its current guise was established in June 2001, after the villagers got together to put money in to keep it open; prior to that it had first been run successfully for many years, before changes in management and subsequent threat of closure. Approximately 50-60 villagers put in various amounts, in return for shares but no finacial reward. Beyond that their participation is negligable - a committee of 3 meet regularly to oversee things, but the shop is self-managing with a team of experienced staff. The product range has changed in the nearly two years it has been open - an increase in the fresh produce (local where possible), and fish, following repeated orders.

Chadlington Quality Foods
The Gables
West End
Chipping Norton
Oxfordshire OX7 3NJ

01608 676675



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