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William Gilder Ltd offer vital services to The Cotswolds - an efficient septic tank and cesspit emptying service to domestic and commercial premises whatever the size. With a fleet of specialist liquid waste disposal vehicles, William Gilder Ltd can access the most awkwardly placed cesspit or septic tank - and don't forget their specialist grease trap services too! William Gilder Ltd, providing essential Cotswold environmental services.

William Gilder Ltd, a local company providing a very personal service!Whilst the emptying of septic tanks, cesspits or grease traps might not be one of the most glamorous services, it is a vital job that needs doing with minimal disruption and with the utmost care.

William Gilder Ltd are a well known and respected local Cotswolds company servicing properties in the Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Oxon and Wiltshire areas, from individual homes or business premises to some of the well known large estates to be found in The Cotswolds! As a Cotswold based service, William Gilder Ltd is able to offer a private, efficient and very cost effective service to suit a wide spectrum of customers. Prices are extremely competitive, and start at £125 for a (standard) tank! Book a collection in good time so that William Gilder Ltd can arrange several jobs in the same area and keep everyone's costs down.

Access is not normally a problem for William Gilder Ltd, with a small 1500 gallon Mercedes tanker managing to cope with most awkward sites and the larger tankers coping with the more accessible sites. Cesspits and septic tanks can, and usually are, sited in the most hidden away, inaccessible spots, but this doesn't normally cause William Gilder Ltd a problem, and their drivers all understand the need for the minimum of disruption and the maximum of discretion & care for the surroundings.

William Gilder Ltd also provide a 24/7 Emergency Service for overflowing tanks, flooded cellars and other problems associated with the removal of liquid waste - & don't forget about the Grease Trap Services too!

Contact William Gilder Ltd to quote for either a one-off tank empty, or for a regular, contracted waste removal services - as a Cotswolds based environmentally aware company you can be sure of their best price, and a great service!


As part of their service William Gilder Ltd also provide a haul and treat service:

William Gilder Ltd move a vast amount of liquid daily, and hold accounts with all the major disposal points throughout the UK; the high volumes involved mean Gilders achieve the most competitive disposal rates locally & nationally.



William Gilder Ltd operates one of the most modern fleets in the region able to carry non-hazardous liquid waste.

Services include:

  • Transport and disposal of septic tanks and interceptors waste
  • Transport and dispose of Leachate from landfill operations
  • Local authority work
  • A 24/7 on-call service

Willim Gilder Ltd take their environmental services very seriously and all staff, equipment and practises are certified as industry best practice.


If you need your septic tank or cesspit emptied or wish to discuss a future service please contact us.


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