The Coldicott Veterinary Clinic
The Coldicott Veterinary Clinic
  • 55 Barton Street,
    GL20 5PX
The team at Tewkesbury's Coldicott Veterinary Clinic promise to take the worry out of caring when they look after all your pet’s needs. As a mixed practice, not only do they treat dogs, cats and small animals, but unlike other local practices, Coldicott Veterinary Clinic have extensive experience in treating horses and farm animals and are able to provide equine hospitalisation when required.\rVisit them at their clinic on Barton Street, to be welcomed in, and find out more about how they can help you look after your animals in the best possible way.\rThey are also available for home visits if required.\rThe Coldicott Veterinary Clinic work with Chelvets in Cheltenham, providing high quality out-of-hours emergency veterinary care. All information from the overnight team is passed back to the clinic, ensuring continuity of treatment so that your animal receives the best care, at any time of day or night.
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