When will you need an Energy Performance certificate and why? - Top tips from your local expert.
18th October 2010
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What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs)?

An EPC is a targeted energy efficient overview of a property that helps to identify what energy improvement measures are currently in place and what could be undertaken for that property, helping you cut usage, bills and save CO2. There are recommendations included in the report which help to identify areas that a property can make improvements and to give an idea of both the cost of the measures, and the saving that can be made!


When do you need an Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate used to be part of the Home Information Pack or HIP, however, now the HIP is gone the EPC is still required by law on Sales, Lettings, Sub lettings and Assignments of leases. You should ensure you have organised to have one undertaken before marketing the property and have it in place before you exchange contracts. EPCs are valid standalone for people looking for energy efficiency advice and guidance on properties.

If you don't have an EPC when you are required to have one then you may be fined!

What does an EPC Inspection involve?

It involves a thorough inspection of the building by a qualified assessor, to provide an overview of the heating system, hot water system, insulation and construction information on the building. This helps to identify what the energy efficiency of the property is currently and what measures have already been taken.

EPC Top Myths Explained!

1) It's a common belief that now HIPs have gone the EPC has gone too. This is wrong. EPCs are now stand-alone and still required on sales, lettings and sub lets.

2) The EPC is not just the graph that you see on Estate Agent details. There is a whole report behind it, including recommendations. You are entitled to ask to see a copy of the report from the Estate Agent.

3) EPCs are not Pass or Fail. The rating graph is just a reflection of how energy efficient that particular property is. You can't fail an assessment.

4) The recommendations are not mandatory, if you choose to action them you will save yourself money, there is advice on basic energy saving measures at the end of the report too!

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