What I Love about The Roses.....
26th July 2010
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What I Love about The Roses

 ‘There’s a wonderful atmosphere at The Roses – everyone makes you feel very welcome. I’m lucky, it’s just on my doorstep and I can walk down although parking is easy. It’s a great change from the telly. 

I love live theatre of any sort – comedy, drama, ballet, opera – and we get the lot here. In fact, I’d say that the opera ‘live from the Met’ is better than being there

Of course there’s a lot more to the Roses than what’s on the stage. There’s marvellous work behind the scenes with the work in schools and community. The Youth Theatre does a terrific job – I know, I’ve seen the shows. Involving little tots to teenagers – wonderful stuff.

Many people don’t realise The Roses is a charity. I believe in putting my money where my heart is. That’s why I’ve donated over the years as well as buying tickets. For me The Roses is the jewel in Tewkesbury’s crown.’ Roy Smith

 “You get such wonderful variety at the Roses – and they manage to cater for all tastes and all ages!  We might be old fogeys but we’ll come and listen to any kind of music….we’re willing it give it all a go! We came to see Acker Bilk – and were delighted to see that he’d sold out; we loved that Irish dancing and the Syd Lawrence Orchestra and we so enjoyed the Charleston Chasers. It really is a lovely little theatre.  Mind you, there are a lot of films and shows at the Roses that are aimed at the younger generation and we wouldn’t dream of going to see those!

We’ve always been hugely impressed by what the theatre does for children. It’s such a small organisation and, in our view, anything that gives kids a focus, an interest and great entertainment gets our vote. We give regularly by standing order – just a little every month - to what we consider is a wonderful charity. We prefer to remain anonymous because that’s how we are – we’re not party people. Mind you, we did enjoy Mamma Mia and the Abba tribute band – so maybe we’re not such fogeys after all….!’ Anon Roses donators

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