Wedding catering in Gloucestershire - All Canape wedding reception.
16th July 2010
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Wedding catering in Gloucester - all canape wedding reception

"Look - he's composing the blogpost as we speak" said the father of the bride at one point. What me? I had my eyes down at that moment. With 25 different canapes to serve there comes a time where you need to get out the spade and get dug in. 

It seemed like they had ordered not just the canapés but the weather too - beautifully warm and sunny which brought out the best of the house. 

Hotels and wedding venues can often seem like conveyor belts where one wedding party is rushed through so the next can come in, but when you have your wedding reception at your own home as this one was (or holiday house) it seems much more relaxed and personal - what can be better than sharing your house with your friends and family?

This was the second all canapé wedding reception we have done this year - is it a new fashion? It seems to work really well - rather than have a few canapés and then a traditional 3 or 4 course wedding breakfast you just have an extended canapé menu. We had had a few meetings in the months prior to this event, and the bride, groom and the bride's parents all had their favourite canapés. I thought 25 varieties might be slightly too many, but deleting any proved to be so difficult for them as they all had their favourites that in the end we did them all - why not: it's your special day after all.

I had been hoping for lots of photos, alas it got so busy we just kept putting canapés out and then remembered photos afterwards. .... to see the rest of this fascinating blog post and others with superb photos detailing the quality and care shown about his food, by top chef James Benson click this link.

For more information about Bensons of Broadway, to see their testimonials and special offers click this link.


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