Top tips from Halfords Traditional Butchers, on roasting meat .
29th August 2010
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Top tips from Halford’s Traditional Butchers of Tewkesbury High Street, on how to get the best from your meat when roasting:

When roasting a joint of meat, to work out your cooking time a general rule is 20 mins per pound of meat then add another 20 mins.
For example if a joint of pork is 3lbs the cooking time would be 3 x 20 mins = 60 mins then add another 20 mins, so total cooking time is one hour and 20 mins.

With pork, to get the best crackling salt the rind the night before and store in your fridge on a plate on the bottom shelf and lightly cover with greaseproof paper to let the rind dry out.

When cooking, start with foil lightly covering the meat until reaching the last 45 mins, then remove the foil.
Pork and poultry juices should always run clear when cooked, use a skewer to check.

Another handy tip is to make sure you allow 30mins resting time after cooking before carving and cut with the grain not against. This allows the meat to relax and makes carving easier. If you are unsure please pop in and ask and we will always be happy to show you.

For more information about Halfords Traditional Butchers and full contact details click here.


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