The Marathon (Snickers) Man Comes To Tewkesbury
20th September 2009
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Last night I had a very sad farewell. I ate my last bag of chips for the forseeable future! No great shakes I hear you comment, but for me it represents a monumental lifestyle change and signifies the first step (of many) I aim to be taking over the next few months.

I have decided to enter the Tewkesbury Half - Marathon

Again, I hear many of you asking, "What's the big deal?". Let me enlighten you. I am an overweight 40something who hasn't exercised regularly since a back spasm nearly 10 years ago. Exercise became an anathema to me. Not because I couldn't, but because I didn't really want to (hopefully, there are a few others out there reading who can relate to this). I have high blood pressure, my BMI is as high as an airline by the same name and I have an awful diet (although I am vegetarian). The nearest I now get to exercise is climbing the 2 floors to our new office in Basepoint.

They say you are what you eat. Were that to be true, I would be a large portion of chips covered in salt with chocolate digestives for legs, swiss rolls for arms and a wagon wheel for a head. All joking aside, I could be substantially healthier.

It wasn't always this way of course. Although I can never claim to have been an Adonis, there was a time when I was a lot fitter. I played squash regularly for a team. I would cycle everywhere & could swim a mile easily.

What changed? The back spasm was an excuse. My working days got longer. I could always find something "more important" to do. It became easy to sit on the sofa with my tea on my knees & watch the box.

Emboldened by Tewkesbury's "Count Me In" initiative, aimed at getting a healthier townsfolk; plus a real desire for self - improvement I have now committed to a significant lifestyle change.

The question is, where do I start? I'm not as "elastic" as I used to be. My knees are going to struggle with my additional kilos. I don't even enjoy running. However, by  setting myself a SMART objective by targetting the completion of the Tewkesbury Half - Marathon, this challenge can realise a number of great things for me personally whilst hopefully raising some funds for a local charity (still to be determined).

To be SMART, an objective has to be:

  • Specific - easy, complete the Tewkesbury Half - Marathon
  • Measurable - Pass or fail
  • Achievable - I reckon. There are millions out there who achieve much more than I am attempting daily
  • Realistic - deffo
  • Timeline - 9th May - Apply Here!!

This blog is going to chart my progress weekly. I shall share advice I have received, impart the pain I have gone through - communicate the blood sweat & tears - every last drop!

In return I ask that you share your advice, pass on motivational comments, generally gee me on. I welcome anyone who wants to join me in this odyssey, the more the merrier!!

Stay tuned for next week's blog where I share my starting stats, my initial training plan & proposed dietary changes. Also, my lapses, moans & groans. Please be patient & supportive. I am relying on you guys to get me through this!

Regards, Trehane, thebestoftewkesbury  


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