The Marathon (Snickers) Man Comes To Tewkesbury 2
13th October 2009
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 Well, I’m in shock.
I was at the doctors yesterday having my blood pressure checked and I thought it the perfect opportunity to have my weight done at the same time.
Whilst there was good news on the blood pressure performance – a cocktail of narcotics having succeeded in bringing things down to a safer level – my weight is horrendous!
112kg means nothing to me. 17 stone 8lb however does. Boy, have I let myself go in recent years. Leaving the surgery ashamed with my tail between my legs, feeling the nurse’s “holier than though” eyes burning into my back, thoughts raced through my head. “How had I let myself slip to such a level?” “What was I going to do differently?”

The truth is before I even stepped onto those scales I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I had avoided scales for years. Last time I weighed myself I was in my prime, exercising regularly – not a worry in the world. Eating & drinking what I wanted, when I wanted. The problem now is I have continued to eat & drink what I want when I want, just stopped the exercising. After years of consuming more than I needed and than my body could afford I am now physically in recession.

Getting back to Tewkesbury, I plonked myself in front of the PC, keen to understand my BMI (Body Mass Index), this tells you the optimum level at which your body mass should be for your sex, age, height & weight and how you compare against it. Luckily, there are calculators for this online. Having entered my grease – laden data, I let the machine do its work.

The outcome? I am obese. Not just a little bit – a lot. My BMI is 32.7; the target healthy level rests between 19 & 25. I am over 25% heavier than I should be. The bad news doesn't end there…my obesity increases the chances of my becoming ill with – high blood pressure (already there), heart disease & cancer. Worse still and most importantly, my physical state stands to lop a whopping 9 years off my life expectancy.
That, I can’t contend with. This sluggish worm is about to turn!
To bring my body back into line, I need to lose 27 kilos. That's 60 pounds. I am carrying around 60 jars of jam too many EVERY DAY! No wonder I get tired and I am putting my body under undue stress.

As stated in my last blog, motivation isn’t my strong point. Since then I’ve done no exercise. Hopeless. I have however, done some research.

  • I have obtained a training sheet from the organisers of next year’s Tewkesbury Half – Marathon. You can download them from the 2:09 website, and there is a range of different plans dependant on your level of fitness. In addition to this, there are links to other sites of interest.
  • I have contacted the organisers of Count Me In with a view to understand the initiative aimed at getting Tewkesbury to be a healthier place to live in.
  • Also, I have also made contact with Daniel Webb, the road running secretary at Tewkesbury Athletics Club. Daniel has been fantastically helpful from:
    • Advising me where to get trainers that won’t allow my bulky frame to grind my joints to dust.
    • He has also recommended  that I attend a Friday session at Cheltenham’s Prince of Wales Stadium at 18:30, where I will learn how to run and will gain some valuable tips and fitness.
    • Finally, Daniel has then invited me to run with him and the club on a Wednesday evening for a club run of between 5 and 9 miles.

How helpful & supportive is that?!

Now I have no excuses. The change starts this week. Next week, I’ll let you know how I am going to begin to reduce my 38” waist through “sensible” eating!!

Stay tuned, and remember – all contributions are appreciated – and anyone wishing to join me on this adventure are welcome. You can apply here! Contact me through thebestoftewkesbury website. Thanks!


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