Tewkesbury Park Hotel's Head Chef, James Wronski's latest recipe blog, "Want a date honey?"
4th August 2010
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Welcome to the fourth in the James Wronski Recipe Series.

James is the Head Chef at the Tewkesbury Park Hotel and recently appeared on stage in the cookery theatre at theTewkesbury Food Festival.

Hi everyone, hopefully you all enjoyed the Moroccan lamb kebabs, thought i would carry on with the same theme and give you a mouth watering recipe for Chicken Tagine

This is a great alternative to a curry and can be served with cous cous , rice and/ or  toasted pitta bread. 


Chicken Tagine with dates and honey


Serves 5 

500g diced chicken breast or allow 2 chicken thighs per person 

1tblsp olive oil;

1 onions finely sliced

2 cloves of garlic crushed

½ tsp. cumin seeds

½ tsp ground coriander

½ tsp ground turmeric

½ tsp ground cinnamon

¼ tsp chilli powder

¼ tsp ground nutmeg

200 ml chicken stock (stock cube)

100 ml water

85g seedless dates

30ml honey

40g toasted almonds( set 1/3 aside for garnish)

1tsp fresh coriander



In a thick bottom pan with a lid 

Seal the chicken breast in the olive oil and drain off any excess fat 

In the same pan sweat the  onions, garlic and spices for about 5 minutes on a low heat don’t let them burn 

Add the chicken stock and water 

Cook for 45 mins - 1 hr

Stir in dates, honey and nuts

Leave to simmer on a low heat for a further 30mins the honey and the dates will help to thicken the sauce slightly. If too thick add a little more water 

Sprinkle with chopped coriander and remainder of almonds.

Enjoy !!!!!

Why not buy your chicken  from Halfords Butchers on Tewkesbury High Street, and a nice bottle of wine from That Wine Place?

Remember, you can try out many of our great recipes at Tewkesbury Park Hotel , relax at Green's Brasserie or enjoy some fine dining from our latest seasonal menu at The Garden Restaurant.





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