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30th December 2009
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Below are some sound, FREE money saving tips supplied by Clive Woolford's Motor Engineers Ltd. Clive Woolford's are currently also offering a free fuel efficiency check when you book any work with them. Click this link for more details of this offer.

I think it can be said, unless, very well off or foolhardy, recession has made us look at ways of saving money. Here are some easy to follow and effective tips that are proven cost saving opportunities.

Pump up your tyres!

When was the last time you checked the pressure? Under inflated tyres can reduce a vehicle's fuel economy by up to 5%. Worse still it can increase tyre wear by up to 25%.

New Tyres.

The latest generation of low rollong resistance tyres can reduce your vehicle's consumption by up to 5%. Budget tyres are often a false economy.

Noisy Wheels.

If you are hearing strange noises from your wheels, it could well be worn out bearings or seized brake calipers or shoes. This means increased friction and can significantly increase fuel consumption. Get them checked!

Check air conditioning.

A low gassed air conditioning system could raise fuel consumption by an additional 5%. Simply opening the windows and turning the air con off, does not resolve this as you create drag, which could add between 10% and 20% to fuel consumption!!

Regular servicing.

Failure to keep the car routinely serviced can add up to 15% on fuel costs. For example a clogged air filter will have a big impact.

Lose weight.

Every extra 50kg can increase your vehicles petrol consumption by an extra 2%. Only take what you need, clear out the boot, just take your golf clubs when you need them!!

Streamline your car.

Roof racks and bicycle carriers create extra wind resistance, fuel consumption can go up between 10-20%!

Keep to the speed limit.

Not only could you have some nasty points and an unwanted fine, but speeding at 90mph adds £1.20 more on fuel every 8 minutes than driving at 70mph.

Use the right gear.

A car cruising at 40mph can use up to 20% more fuel in 4th gear than in 6th. Its really bad for the environment, but your pocket is suffering too!

Drive smoothly.

Hard acceleration and deceleration, causes high revs and high fuel consumption.. be gentle!

Avoid rough surfaces.

Gravel and heavy dirt surfaces can increase fuel consumption by up to 30%! Where possible choose a smooth route. Even if its slightly longer, you will save on fuel.

Happy New Savings Year!





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