Don't Let The Weather Affect Your Business - Embrace The Cloud!!
7th January 2010
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Plan to protect your business from environmental impacts by embracing Cloud Computing.

Welcome to Sheldon from RedSixty who has kindly agreed to share a truly insight into how the cloud can protect your business in times of environmental adversity.

As the country is again gripped by a “big freeze” (all be it slightly earlier than the February of last year), it occurred to me that many companies still struggle when physical access to a central office is restricted.  

As advocates of cloud computing and users of social networking tools in business for more than 2 years now, it is easy to forget this fact when working at Redsixty.  We have become less and less reliant on close physical proximity to colleagues and data.  Indeed, initiatives that have been taken for other reasons (for example, to reduce our Carbon footprint through reduced travel requirements) have the added benefits of ensuring we are well prepared to function as normal in the sorts of conditions we are now experiencing.

And it doesn’t take much.  The myth with cloud computing continues to be that it presents a security risk and has to be an all or nothing commitment.  I would contend both of these are misconceptions.  In terms of security, much can be done to protect data in the cloud.  

Although not a complete analogy, if I was to say would you rather store money in a bank vault designed from the ground up solely to protect it, or under the mattress at home which would be the likely winner?  The argument that under the mattress is safe as people don’t know it is there holds to some degree, but the opportunist thief may break in to take a look just in case.. the same can be said for data.  

Data centres used built and used by cloud service providers are built to securely hold and manage data. If there is a breach, there entire business may possibly never recover.  I guarantee your Internet connected server in the office isn’t as secure as you may think it to be.

As I mentioned it isn’t a perfect analogy but I think the security battle is more likely to be won by large cloud service providers who need to win it, over and above individual companies who business is to use IT, not to be IT.

And onto the second point. Cloud computing can be something that is added to what you have, to offer better functionality such as the ability to remotely access all data and work from home in bad weather.

So my advice, and this is based on real world experience is for all companies to take a look at ways they can utilise new technologies to cost effectively (and securely) mitigate the risk of not being able to get into the office; a business continuity plan for the Internet age if you will. 

The real gem is that, for the most part, this can be achieved quickly and easily – especially for micro, small and mid tier business.  All you need is an understanding of what is available and what will fit with your particular business best.  

We’ve achieved it and continue to reap the rewards.  Not only in terms of continued operations in bad weather conditions but also to retain staff moving away, reduce our carbon footprint and many other reasons besides.

We’re keen to share.  

And for that reason are offering a FREE 90 minute session to help any businesses in the Tewkesbury area understand cloud computing and how it specifically may relates to your business.

Please click here to take advantage of this offer.

Give us a call, you really have nothing to lose.

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