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Fun and friendly and knowledgeable staff. In a comfortable workout environment.
My fitness has improved a great deal.
Chris has helped me complete every marathon, without Chris I would only be doing half marathons.
Good staff and great help.
Good friendly atmosphere within the staff and members.
Friendly and enthusiastic.
I love Gym and Tonic, they have given me the confidence and training to run my first half marathon. Bring it on!
Fun and plenty of encouragement.
The staff helped me use the rower despite my disbaility, by building a ramp to clamp my chair to.
Friendly staff have not only helped me improve my physical strength, but also my confidence.
Lovely friendly atmosphere. A nice and relaxed place to work out!
I used to be fat and flabby, now I'm fit and fab!!!
I like Gym & Tonic, because there is one on one training if needed and I need it!
Great staff that always give you that bit more encouragement.
The staff are helpful and friendly. All shapes and sizes are made welcome.
Gym and Tonic is relaxed, friendly and not intimidating. (and then there's handles and bars)
The staff are always on hand to give you a kick up the backside and keep workouts different and interesting.
I could never keep up with my 3 & 1/2 year old and 2 year old grandsons. Now I can ride 10 miles in 20 mins & 220 cals (on the bike) and I think that's great for a very very nearly 69 year old!!
At Gym & Tonic, I have lost weight, toned up my stomach and got bigger arms and chest. Also I've lost a lot of my body fat percentage.
I have "stepped" in 10.58 mins 80 cals off! Without lowering - not a bad achievement for a 70 year old asthmatic!
Since joining Gym & Tonic, I have more energy and I toned up. I have more confidence.
Since joining Gym & Tonic, I have toned up more and gained more muscle. Also become more healthier - Thanks Dan.
Since 20 May I have lost 1.5" on my thighs, 1" off my waist & hips and achieved my P.B on the cross trainer - 156 cals in 10 mins! My goal is to get back to a size 10.
I have reduced my body fat percentage by 4.6% - Thanks G&T.
At Gym & Tonic, its friendly and not intimidating (and there's Handles and Bars).
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