Ten Things To Do In Telford before You Die
2nd April 2014
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Ten Things To Do In Telford Before You Die.
So, this is my own personal list of Ten things you should do in Telford before you pop your clogs.
If you think I have missed something that should be on this list then I am more than happy to hear about it. add it to the list.

1) Take a helicopter ride along the path of the River Severn

2) Walk to the top of the Wrekin on a Summers evening with your loved one and open a bottle of Champagne in the sunset

3) Take a Canoe down the river Severn and see life from a different place.

4) Play Pooh sticks on the Ironbridge and be a kid again for 10 minutes.

5) Sit by the banks of the river Severn in Ironbridge at dawn and watch the Kingfishers fishing as the mist clears

6) Take a steam train from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster and think of time past.

7) Do a pub crawl in Ironbridge starting and finishing at the Golden Ball

8) Build the biggest snowman ever in Telford Town Park

9) Have some really great professional Family Photos done. You'll never regret it.

10) Watch a great old black and white movie on a Sunday afternoon, just you and your partner, curtains drawn, box of maltesers and a nice bottle of wine ( oh and tissues if it's a saddy)

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