Summer Car Maintenance Tips
26th June 2017
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Whether it's your local commute to work, the drive to school or a long journey to a holiday destination, driving in the summer presents different driving conditions to that of winter. While the warmth of the season often lifts our mood, due care and caution should still be taken when driving in warm or hot weather. Firstly there is sun glare, which can also be treacherous in winter; then there are increase temperatures to contend with, which can make a car behave differently.

Take a look at these summer driving tips from EAC MOT & Service Centre Telford, to help keep you safe and moving this summer:


Before setting off on a journey, check tyre condition and pressures on your vehicle, as well as anything you might be towing. The high temperatures of summer and under-inflation worsen existing damage and weak spots, increasing the risk of punctures.


Check your coolant reservoir, look for wet or white marks on coolant hoses and listen for the fan when your engine is idle. If you think anything’s amiss, have it looked at ASAP.

Battery power

Check your battery to ensure that the connections are clean and tight, and free from corrosion. Battery problems are the number one cause of breakdowns.

Fuel efficiency

Use a roof box and close windows on the motorway to reduce drag; start air conditioning when doors and windows are closed, and turn it off when the car has cooled; and increase tyre pressure if you’re carrying extra passengers.


Ensure oil, coolant, windscreen wash and brake fluid levels are correct.


Keep glass clean, repair scratches and chips, and wear non light-reactive sunglasses.

Get a summer service

Make sure that your vehicle is regularly serviced to ensure there are no underlying problems

Be prepared

Make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit with you. Sunburn, insect bites and stings in the summer are common and can divert your attention from driving. If you’re a Hay-fever sufferer, ensure you carry your antihistamine because Hayfever can affect your vision and driving capability. Carry plenty of drinking water, food, a road atlas, fully charged mobile phone and sun tan lotion.

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