How to tell if your clutch is worn out. Expert advice from Mark at EAC Garage Services Telford.
13th March 2014
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Those of you that drive manual transmission vehicles probably know that at some point, you are likely to have a problem with your clutch. We are all taught to not ‘ride’ the clutch (pedal depressed whilst vehicle moving) but unfortunately, most of us still do it – and that leads to a worn out clutch.

So how do you know when your clutch is worn out?

Unlike say an oil change, there’s no specific mileage or time guide for wear and tear on your clutch. It all depends on your driving style and type of journey. Short, stop start journeys are the worst.

So, here are my tips to help decide if your clutch needs replacing.

Clutch feels ‘spongy’

A ‘spongy’ or soft clutch is a good sign that your clutch is on its way to failing. When driving, study the feel of your clutch and how far you have to let the clutch out before the gear catches - if it’s most of the way, that’s a good sign of a worn clutch.

Smell of burning

A failing clutch is often accompanied by a burning smell which comes from the friction created by your clutch slipping.

Changing gear isn’t as smooth

When you change gear, your car should engage smoothly – if your change isn’t smooth and the vehicle ‘shakes’ then you’ve probably got a bad clutch. These problems are most evident in first gear and reverse.

There are other ways of checking your clutch but if any of the above applies, best to let the experts check it out.

That’s a good time to visit us!

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