What to look for in a second hand car dealership
19th November 2014
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We are all worried that not all dealerships are reliable; after all, we regularly hear horror stories of people buying a second hand car from a dealership only to have it break down months, days or even hours after driving it off the forecourt. However, with research and care, the chances of this happening to you can be reduced.

Firstly, by buying from a dealership you have greater legal protection than if you buy a car from a private seller. Having said that, dodgy dealers do exist so do your homework and check whether the dealership follows a code of practice (which will help ensure that they stay within the law) and that they are willing to give you the information you need clearly without blinding you with technical jargon. Also, see if they belong to a trade association and check their membership status with that association as this will help enforce their code of practice.

Other things to check are how long the dealership has been trading for, generally the longer the better as they will have a larger customer base and are more likely to be trustworthy, having gained a good reputation.

Ask to see the report on the car you are looking at as it should have had an inspection and see if that has highlighted any problems that you weren’t aware of with the car you are looking at. If the car doesn't have one or the dealership is reluctant to show you it then treat this as a red flag.

If the dealership has signs saying ‘Sold as seen’ or ‘No Refund’ then proceed with caution as this severely limits your rights.

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