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At Dexterous Designs, we have just introduced our new blog writing services.
At Dexterous, we currently have two Kickstart Scheme positions on offer: Sales & Support Advisor, and Graphic & Print Designer.
Being part of your business’s community really makes you feel part of something bigger than just your business.
At Dexterous Designs we send out a weekly e-Newsletter to subscribers, covering our industry/company news, achievements, offers, promotions, services and support.
Dexterous Designs have 56 reviews which equate to a 4.8-star rating, alongside lots of positive and encouraging feedback.
Somerset Day 2021
Somerset Day 2021
Fly the Flag for Somerset on the weekend of May 8th & 9th, show your support for our wonderful county. Read on for more information.
The sun is starting to shine in through the windows again, make sure yours are gleaming with The Gleam Team
E-Commerce websites and online retail have been growing for years, and now more than ever, it’s booming!
While in principle this seems like a great way to save money, and it very well might save you on some upfront costs – it’s obviously not that simple. Most of us send our car to a garage and a qualified mechanic for a basic service; even though with some detailed instructions, the right parts, patience, some swearing, a big mess on the driveway, some more swearing, and perhaps quite a few days – we would probably get there… but you have just spent several days saving a couple of hundred pounds, there is a lot to clean up, 200 emails and messages to get back to, you’ve barely seen your family…. and do you really want to drive the car and trust it?? What business could you have generated in that few days while someone else did the service?
Local transport company in Chard awarded with industry-recognised accreditation
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