Science For The Gardener

Science for the Gardener by Tony Arnold is an easy to read, fun reference for gardeners old and new. Tony takes you on a tour through simple garden science in a fun and easily digestible manner, making it a perfect gift for anyone who has an interest in plants or the outside world.

This book has excellent hints and tips on how to make your garden more beautiful. It includes a “drone-eyed” view of the many sciences that underpin gardening and a comprehensible explanation of the formation of planet Earth. Thus taking you back to basics to help you understand why certain gardening techniques work and how you can make your garden even greener.

Tony also explains how the care and cultivation of plants can benefit humanity and touches on the effects of climate change, plastic pollution, and diminishing global water resources, whilst communicating all this in an easy to understand manner accompanied with amusing and illustrative cartoons. This engaging attempt to encourage you to think about your garden more scientifically can help you to get to know your plants better and is brilliantly informative in a digestible way. 

Science for the Gardener is also currently on offer until the 31st of March! So grab it now while you can for the discounted price of £11.99!