The Death Of English Football
28th June 2010
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On Sunday we saw the end of English International as it has been. If England really wants to compete on the World stage then they must get serious about team building and competition. Playing "friendly"matches against 2nd rate countries more interested in not getting injured than in winning is not good preparation.

The players who consider themselves more important than the team must go. The non English speaking coach must go. The clubs must release players regularly to do national team duty and a below expected performance must result in a suspension from international duty for the players involved.

Pride in playing for England must be so intense that even a one match suspension is intolerable. We must reintroduce the home international series, it may have caused the police a problem as they had to do some work outside the canteen but it was passionate and passion was in short supply on Sunday but for the five minutes or so when pride and passion did make an appearance England were a different team. Sadly they reverted to type very quickly and disgraced themselves, in everyone outside the team`s eyes. It is obvious from their attitudes that they do not feel any responsibility whatsoever for the national humiliation.

The FA must get it`s act together and when the national team suffers this sort of disaster then the board must be sacked. If the FA has no incentive then why should the players? They say they need the huge salaries and perks because the right people will not do the job for less!! Well they are proven not to be the right people. Let us get back to football people not career chasing, bean counting, self seeking parasites that infest the top of the FA and have destroyed football in England.

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