Rogue Traders has given Builders a Bad Reputation, But not all Builders are Bad.
29th July 2010
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Rogue Traders in my oppinion has given all Builders a Bad Reputation, but not all Builders are Bad. In my experience E.M. Builders and Landscapers are the exception to the rule as i have heard only Positive things about them. E.M. Builders are a rare Breed of Builder who actually believe in completing the job on time to the highest standards and at the price agreed. They even help their local community by only employing locals (Swindon).

Isn't it time we gave honourable professionals like E.M. Builders and Landscapers of Swindon some recognition in the Building Trade? Perhaps this would encourage other Building firms to follow their Good example and give the Building Trade a Good Reputation in 2010.

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