Nobby Stiles Selling his 1966 Football Winner's Medal
15th September 2010
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Yet another 1966 Football Legend is selling his precious 1966 winners medal. Nobby Stiles said, "I'm as patriotic as the next Englishman and will always cherish my memories and the friendships I made in my playing days, but at this stage of my life, I would rather have some control over the distribution of my memorabilia and know that my family will benefit."

The sad fact that Nobby Stiles and others from the winning 1966 football team have chosen to part with their most treasured footballing possessions serves to highlight the massive gulf in earnings between the 11 Englishmen who reached the pinnacle of their sport back in 1966 and those, such as Wayne Rooney today with their multi million pound contracts.

On a more positive note i'm pleased that Fifa have taken the decision to award every player who won the World Cup prior to 1974 – the point at which the rules changed and squad players were given medals. This means recognition at last for the 11 players who made up the squad of 1966 but were denied a role in the final. The players were given their medals in a ceremony at Downing Street.

Lets just hope that the England team prove their financial worth at the next World cup, by replicating the success of the 1966 football sqad - Well, at least they have got a few more years to prepare for it!


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