Adam Dobson speaks about over-pronation of the foot.
3rd January 2011
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This month I am concentrating on over-pronation of the foot, also known as ‘flat feet’. Normal gait cycle of the foot would see pronation of the foot. This is when the foot rolls inwards and the arch flattens. As well as the opposite of pronation, which is supination.

What is overpronation?
Problems with pronation of the foot occur when it is excessive. This is quite a common problem and can lead to a number of injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and shin splints.  The right foot rolls inwards, which causes the lower leg to turn inwards. This puts the knee and hip out of alignment.  The left foot has been corrected with an orthotic device.

Does this cause injury?
Excessive pronation usually causes over-use type injuries, most frequently seen in runners.

How can I tell if I overpronate?
1. Look at your feet in standing; have you got a clear arch on the inside of
the foot? If not, you maybe an overpronator.
2. Look at your foot wear. If they are excessively worn on the inside of the sole, pronation maybe a problem for you.
3. The wet foot test, with wet feet (be careful you don’t slip over) walk along a section of paving or carpet and look at your footprints. If you overpronate your footprint will be wider.

 What can I do?

Speak to a professional, who can analysis your gait pattern and tell you about your gait.
For more information, contact me on 07827324789 or catch up with me for a chat when I am at TFD.

Have a good month of training,

Adam Dobson

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