Swindon Magistrates Court
  • Princes Street

    SN1 2JB
Swindon Magistrate’s Court is a vital part of Swindon Borough Council’s service to Swindon citizens

Swindon Magistrate’s Court is located on Princes Street, Swindon. Magistrates Courts deal with nearly 97% of all criminal cases.

In fact, most people’s experience of court will be of a magistrate’s court. The Magistrate’s Court in Swindon conducts criminal case hearings in a timely and efficient manner, thereby reducing the cost to the Swindon tax payer.


More information on Swindon Magistrate’s Court and on their work can be found on the councils’ courts webpage.


Swindon Magistrate’s Court – Princes Street, Swindon  


Visit- www.swindon.gov.uk/community/courts.htm


or phone Swindon Magistrates Court on Swindon 699800

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