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During the winter months it is all to easy to feel like going home shutting the door and cuddling up on the sofa..... but don't.... keep motivated!
Local Best of Sutton Coldfield Businesses are getting into the Christmas Spirit early this year..
What is Power Chi Yoga?
What is Power Chi Yoga?
If you would like to know more about my new Yoga class starting in October please have a read ...
Do you consider your pre and post workout food and drink?
Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
Autumn is on its way, no sunshine. Are you getting enough Vitamin D?
Boredom is one of the biggest reasons for clients not sticking to exercise... Keep it fresh and inspiring .....
The media seem keen talk about this ‘frightening new phenomenon’ of child on parent violence at the moment. Our Place parenting expert Dawn Latham explains what support is really needed.
As a female you are at one time in your life, going to experience the menopause. For some this can be a very difficult transition which can affect your mind and body significantly.
Facts that may prevent weight loss and being healthy...
What is Fitsteps?
What is Fitsteps?
Do you enjoy Strictly Come Dancing then you will love Fitsteps!
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