Sudbury opticians, Wardale Williams show how an Optometrist can help with your child's dyslexia
5th November 2015
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Dyslexia Awareness Week was held from 5th-11th October this year and the theme was “Making sense of dyslexia”.


Dyslexia can be described as a learning difference, not so much difficulty; a combination of strengths and weaknesses which affect the learning process in reading, spelling, writing and sometimes numeracy. People with dyslexia may also have accompanying weaknesses in short term memory, sequencing and the speed at which they process information which are skills that everyone needs if they are to learn and work effectively.


Indications of dyslexia in school-age children may include difficulties in repeating back information; picking up nursery rhymes and learning the times tables; confusion with directions, tying shoe laces, remembering days of the week; a poor standard of written work compared with oral ability; spelling a word several different ways in one piece of writing; poor or no expression in reading; hesitation in reading or avoiding reading altogether.

In many people this reluctance in reading can be overcome by the use of colour, either as coloured overlays placed over the page of text or in specially tinted glasses. Any child who is struggling with reading should firstly have a full eye examination with a qualified optometrist to rule out any other problems with vision which may be helped with prescription spectacles or simple eye exercises.  If the reading difficulties still persist then an assessment with coloured overlays may provide the answer.

In the meantime the British Dyslexia Association has come up with some tips for encouraging reading in children: Listen to audiobooks and follow the words with the book at the same time; Record your own voice or your child’s voice to make it more exciting and personal; Read everything – cereal packets/signs/instructions/comics – it’s still reading even if it’s not a book!  Find ways to make it fun! Let your child see you reading for pleasure and take your child to the library regularly to choose books together. And my top tip – make use of your optometrist, even if just for advice if your child is struggling with reading.

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